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3dB Labs, Inc.
9050 Centre Point Dr.
Suite 340
West Chester, OH 45069
Phone: (513) 3DB-LABS



3dB Labs, Inc.


3dB Labs was founded in 2004 by a group of three engineers with advanced degrees and over 50 combined years of experience. 3dB Labs provides design, implementation, and delivery of solutions in the areas of signal processing and software development. We excel in providing quick response while using disciplined methods.

Our past signal processing projects have included: multi-symbol FSK and PSK demodulation, fast arbitrary ratio resampling, direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), multi-user detection (MUD), cyclostationary signal processing, polyphase filterbanks, automatic signal recognition and modulation identification, synchronization, adaptive equalization, multipath exploitation, co-channel interference cancellation, LPI/LPD waveform development, array processing, beamforming, direction finding. DSP platforms and tools: TI, SHARC, X-MIDAS, MATLAB.

Our software experience spans the full life cycle: requirements definition, system architecture, design, development, delivery, and support. We have designed systems providing: high reliability and availability, fault tolerance, parallel processing, distributed processing. Past software projects have included: Cryptography, steganography, protocol analysis, INFOSEC coding, key management, secure communications, anti-spoofing, user interface, device drivers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Technologies: LINUX systems and clusters; C/C++, Python, PHP, FORTRAN, HTML, Java, Javascript, MySQL, Perl, sh/csh; Windows, using Visual C++, Visual Basic, Access; Macintosh OSX, using Objective-C, Cocoa, Carbon, XCode; Intel and Hitachi embedded development.